Creating Privacy

Using trees, cacti and flowering bushes to create privacy also creates beauty. Here at the vivero we layered taller plants with shorter ones to create a privacy live wall. The tall cactus with the yellow flower adds interest and height to the living wall. Plus the local birds love the cactus so you create a place for them to visit.

This is a great way to block neighbors from seeing through your fence while you create beauty. What a gift, you just shared your flowers with your neighbors!

Come take a tour around our gardens to see how we incorporate live plants and trees to create interest, shade and privacy.

Color and Texture

Adding a variety of flowering bushes and colorful plants adds dimension to your garden. Here the fuchsia bougainvillea stands out from the variety of green plants, trees and bushes behind them. In front we added some colorful croton bushes that add variety and texture.

We are happy to help you choose a variety of plants, trees and bushes to bring your tropical landscape to life!