We provide locally grown plants and palms for sale.

We use our own compost and the plants are in bags. We have many sizes and can provide great prices for plants that have not been imported from the mainland but grown right here in Vivero Loma Linda.


Some of our plants include: Coconut Palms, Washingtona Palms, Palma Areca, Hibiscus, Bougainvilla, Date Palms, Travellers Palm, Plumeria, Oleander, Ti Plants, and many many more.

Vivero Loma Linda was created accidentally due to my love of gardening and plants. Loma Linda was the name of the original ranch house of the family of Carlos Manuel Gonzalez Gocanseco over a hundred years ago in Colonia Costa Azul, San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico.

When I bought the property it had a few palm trees and not much else. Little by little I worked on the landscape by buying established palm trees that were in the way of building new homes, taking cuttings where I could or planting by seed. I have grown coconut and kerpie palm trees by planting seeds and huge tamarind trees by seeds.

Anytime we had to trim plants I would make new ones until I was surrounded by a jungle and kept many plants on the lot that I had next door. As they grew so did my water bill! So I decided to open up a nursery. At first it was very small and haphazard but now is well organized and we make up our own compost to plant the new plants in.

In the fall of 2018 the construction of the new office will be concluded, the plants will be organized and we will be ready to enter the new era of Vivero Loma Linda!

Karen O'Shaughnessy


I have planned monthly activities in the Vivero centering around art and music to showcase what we have to offer in a very harmonious atmosphere!

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