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Vivero Loma Linda was created accidentally due to my love of gardening and plants. Loma Linda was the name of the original ranch house of the family of Carlos Manuel Gonzalez Gocanseco over a hundred years ago in Colonia Costa Azul, San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico.

When I bought the property it had a few palm trees and not much else. Little by little I worked on the landscape by buying established palm trees that were in the way of building new homes, taking cuttings where I could or planting by seed. I have grown coconut and kerpie palm trees by planting seeds and huge tamarind trees by seeds. Anytime we had to (read more)

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I travelled to mainland Mexico to charming and magic town called Dolores Hidalgo where the Mexican Revolution began and now is known primarily it’s ceramic industry.  I found a wonderful company dedicated to white ceramics decorated in the style of Talavera named after the Spanish Talavera.

The pots are entirely painted by hand and then fired.  Thus each and every piece is unique. These will be available upon our re-opening in Late December, 2018 with or without plants.

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Welcome Architects and Landscapers

We have both mature and young plants and trees to accent your project perfectly. Your new home owners will be amazed by the quality of the plants and trees on their property and their garden walkways. 

We have bushes and flowers to create tranquil tropical walk ways that compliment your designs.

We offer special deals to architects and landscapers. 

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