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Our Story

Vivero Loma Linda was created accidentally due to my love of gardening and plants. Loma Linda was the name of the original ranch house of the family of Carlos Manuel Gonzalez Canseco over a hundred years ago in Colonia Costa Azul, San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico.

When I bought the property it had a few palm trees and not much else. Little by little I worked on the landscape by buying established palm trees that were in the way of building new homes, taking cuttings where I could or planting by seed. I have grown coconut and kerpie palm trees by planting seeds and huge tamarind trees by seeds.

Why Mature Plants?

Discover the design possibilities for your garden.

Find out how to make an impact with mature plants to transform your outdoor space.

To get an idea of the dramatic impact you can achieve with mature plants, think about the impressive designs of display gardens at popular flower shows. Big plants create an effect you’d normally have to wait years to achieve, but many people have no time to garden or don’t want to grow everything from scratch. Large plants can make an empty space feel like an established Eden, and they’re fantastic for providing statement focal points, for screening unattractive eyesores, and for creating shade and improving privacy in your garden. Follow Karen O’Shaughnessy’s tips for helping mature plants thrive – and making your garden fabulous.

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